How can I use your service?

Sign up and payment is easily done right here on the website and you immediately get a FREE US address to ship your purchases.

Do you offer pick up services?

Pick up service and personal shopping available within Miami Dade and Broward. We can also assist with online ordering. Please contact us with any inquiries. 

What is the benefit of buying a PDX Prime membership?

You get fast package delivery services at the most competitive prices, plus PDX PRIME points for FREE car maintenance.

Will I get a PDX PRIME Membership card?

You will immediately receive a welcome text and a link to download your PDX PRIME digital ID card on your phone.

Is your website mobile friendly?

Completely so! It is designed to allow for all updates and online payments.

Do you handle Hazardous Materials?

We do not accept hazmat shipments.

How are charges paid?

Charges are paid by either cash or credit card. Credit card payments can be made at the store or through our secure online payment portal.

What are your rates to Nassau?

Standard rates for packages 0 to 5 pounds – $8.00; 5.1 pounds to 30 pounds – $1.75 per pound; bulk shipments over 30 pounds – $1.00 per pound.

What are your rates to the Family Islands?

Standard Nassau rates plus applicable freight surcharges to the Family Islands.

What items are prohibited?

Anything prohibited for transport under Bahamian or US laws.

Why is prompt uploading of invoices so important?

We must comply with new customs regulations requiring information on shipment value prior to shipping.

Am I notified when my packages arrive and are ready for pickup?

Our Nassau office will contact you via phone or email once your packages are ready for pick up.

How do you calculate shipping charges to Nassau?

Charges are based on the greater of the actual weight or the dimensional weight, the latter being based on the amount of space taken up by the item on the aircraft.

Do you charge for storage?

Yes! Due to the volume of flights and the destinations served, we must, after 5 business days, charge for storage of your items. Goods will be sold after 30 days to recover costs.