How It Works


Our company is committed to your total satisfaction. Our primary objectives are to promote top notch customer satisfaction by providing courteous, reliable services at the most competitive prices.

Our PDX PRIME Membership Club is designed to leverage the size of our customer pool to offer prices 40% cheaper than our standard rates of $1.75, and 60% less than the industry standard rates of $2.50, per pound.

0 – 5 lbs.$8.00 flat$5.00 flatNONEAs assessed12%
5.1 – 30 lbs.$1.75 / lb.$1.00 / lb.NONEAs assessed12%
30+ lbs$1.00 / lb.$1.00 / lb.Standard – $15   
Prime – NONE
As assessed12%
*Pricing based on actual weight or dimensional weight, whichever is greater. No charge for 1 line customs entry.

In addition, every dollar that PDX PRIME Members pay for shipping goes toward earning PDX PRIME Points that can be used to receive FREE auto repair maintenance services like brake services, oil changes and tune-ups. We even offer PDX PRIME Members a free package up to 20 pounds in weight on their birthday! No one else offers these types of benefits!

Beginning January 2021, PDX PRIME members will enjoy $10 express package returns to the USA.


1.) PDX provides you with a FREE US address where you will have all of your packages shipped.

2.) Place your order with your name c/o PDX and our address. Then email us the receipt to along with your telephone number

3.) Our staff will notify you once your package is ready for pick up in Nassau. Your shipping and customs duty charges will be provided, along with the ability to pay for your packages, online through our secure payment portal.

Insurance up to $10,000 is available for all of your packages. Just indicate whether or not you desire coverage for all shipments over $100.

Sign up now for the best value in package delivery in The Bahamas. It is fast and easy!


We do not ship goods considered hazardous, such as aerosol spray, chemicals, cigarette lighters, cleaning fluids etc.

We do not ship goods that will get us ALL in trouble. Examples are unlicensed firearms, ammunition, drugs, offensive weapons, explosives, money, pornographic materials, certain plants and their products, or any items prohibited by law for importation into The Bahamas or the USA.