Picture of testimony provider Kent F.
I love to shop without question and it doesn’t matter where it comes from: USA, London, or China. I have used many freight forwarding companies and I have not found any company like PDX. I have been a customer of PDX for five or more years. I must say I am very pleased with their performance. There is never a day I go without hearing from their customer service representative, Katrina. All my goods come in a timely manner, and in new condition. I have never had any problems with my products: from flat screen televisions to wine glasses. I’ve never had any of them come damaged. Their customer service is unmatched.

– Kent F.

Picture of testimonial provider Dian K.
As a customer of PDX shipping company over the last few years, the experience has been amazing. I’m a Family Islander who appreciates the quick delivery to the island and also the consolidation of those oversized packages. Their rates are great and their customer service is top-notch. If you have not yet tried their shipping service I will encourage you to do so. You won’t regret it! Thanks PDX for your amazing service.

– Dian K.

Picture of testimonial provider Miguel O.
I have been a customer of PDX for several years. I use them for both personal and business packages.  The staff are always helpful and quick to respond. The best part is package pick-up is fast.

– Miguel O.

Picture of testimonial provider Emma J.
I’ve been a faithful PDX customer for over 5 years now. I always receive my packages in a timely manner and in excellent condition. One time the warehouse in Florida received a package of mine damaged. They contacted me immediately and asked if I wanted them to return the item for replacement. They did so on my behalf and I received a replacement in pristine condition! Over the years I’ve also moved to other islands and the customer service has never changed or suffered! Payment for my items is easy and quick with delivery to the boat of my choice (with a fee of course). But all in all this is my company! Everyone knows me by name and greets me by such whenever I am in town and able to pick up my own items! Love them and won’t be switching anytime soon!

– Emma J.

Picture of testimony provider Shicara
I find PDX to be an exceptional shipping company. I love their response time and the employees are remarkably friendly. They are very accommodating if I need to receive my packages right away. I can message and receive a prompt response to any concerns or queries. PDX has even assisted me with picking up items I was unable to ship to their US address and has accommodated returns to senders on my behalf. They’ve been my shipping company for many years.

– Shicara W.

I was introduced to the PDX team years ago by a friend. Over the years, I have experienced total reliability in the service, especially with time-sensitive shipments. The Bahamas and U.S. based teams are all extremely professional, accommodating in every way, and will extend themselves as team players to go the ‘extra mile,’ so as to ensure customer satisfaction. PDX Express is simply the best!

– Toni G.

Picture of testimonial provider Latoya A.
I have been using PDX Express since 2012. One of the disadvantages of living on a Family Island is not knowing how you will get your stuff!! For the past 8 years this company has never failed me. PDX Express does everything with almost no time or effort required. Their service towards the customers has been number one from the first day I started with them. PDX Express goes above and beyond to make sure they meet the needs and requirements of their customers and for that I’m very grateful and appreciative of you guys. Thanks for your service in assisting the people of Long Island.

– Latoya A.

Picture of testimonial provider Savanna M.
I moved back home to Nassau, Bahamas about 3 years ago. Having gotten used to the American lifestyle of ordering items online, I knew I had to find the right freight forwarder to deal with online shopping habits. I started using PDX after getting a recommendation from a friend and have been nothing but pleased. Consolidation of packages makes prices much lower for me, and I absolutely love their customer service. Communication is great and I feel like I’m well informed of the status of my items. I’ve been so happy with their service that I now use PDX for business shipments as well!

– Savanna M.

Picture of testimonial provider Zhion Y.
It has been almost 10 years since I was first informed about the services of PDX Express and I have to say that I do not see myself using any other courier service. From my first experience in 2011 to my last, I have had nothing but consistent and professional service, competitive prices and lightning speed when it comes to getting my items delivered. After having some negative experiences with some other couriers around town, PDX was recommended to me by a very good friend. I started off with a very small order as a test and from the moment I got my confirmation email and phone call to say that my order was received and shipped, I was blown away. The level of professionalism and the courteous and efficient service that I have received has remained unmatched. I love the fact that once I learn that my items have arrived, I don’t have to wait on long lines or fill out a ton of paperwork, as PDX makes the entire process seamless, smooth and, most importantly, fast. From start to finish I have been in and out of their office in 5 minutes or less most days when paying for and collecting my items. The entire staff complement at PDX are pleasant, especially Katrina! She is great with communication and always greets you by name when you walk through the door. With PDX it feels less like business and more like an extended family. I am glad to endorse them and look forward to doing business with them for many more years to come.

– Zhion Y.

Logo of testimonial provider Caves Village Veterinary Hospital
As a Veterinary Hospital, sometimes we need items rushed for emergencies. PDX has surpassed our expectations as a freight forwarding company. The staff are extremely professional, always keeping us updated on the status of our packages. I would recommend them to any businesses needing an efficient team to handle their packages with care.

– Caves Village Veterinary Hospital

Picture of testimonial provider Linzi.
I have tried many courier companies in Nassau but PDX is by far the best. They are extremely organized, a friendly staff and I always receive my items on time or early!

– Linzi